Hi, I'm Michelle!

I'm 19 years old and I am portrait and lifestyle photographer and I have loved this thing called photography ever since I picked up a camera at the age of ten. I have always loved art as a kid, especially during that time in my childhood where I drew on the wall in my childhood home. I used a blue crayola crayon and pencil to sketch my creativity at a young age, sorry mom and dad about the wall! I have a passion for creating a lifetime of unforgettable memories. Each of these memories hold a special kind of story behind it. My purpose is to continue capturing the moments turned into memories that become chapters worth remembering forever. I believe in capturing the kind of moments that never stop making someone smile & the ones that impact each and every person with some inspiration, art that brings my ideas to life and continuing to share my creative passions with others. Thank you for all the constant support and I hope to collaborate with you soon! Thanks for stopping by! 


  • The Rock Agency
  • Arquette Agency
  • MTM Milwaukee Agency
  • Lori Lins Talent & Modeling Agency
  • Loft & Lou and Grey
  • Shoo
  • Ovrdsclo


  • TGS Collective
  • The Hub Collective, H Collective
  • Perception Zine
  • Lune Magazine
  • Unclear Magazine

Press & Magazines

Lune Magazine (@thelunemag) - 2019 - present

Perception Zine (@perceptionzine) - 2019 - present

  • Photography Lead

Unclear Magazine (unclearmag) - 2019 - present 

  • Photographer


Badger Conference Art Show, Wisconsin, 3rd Place Photography

Best Expression of Emotion, Fine Arts Week 2019, EHS

Connect with me

@mishelleta | Instagram & Pinterest

@photographybymichelleta | Facebook


I build websites & graphic design!


I am the Founder and CEO of Divisions Talent Model Agency


Founder and Editor in Chief of Identify Magazine




Instagram: @mishelleta

Facebook: @photographybymichelleta

Pinterest: @michelleta12

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